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A Martinez - Actor / Additional Writing

Of Mexican heritage, A Martinez (the A stands for Adolphe) played many a Native American in the earliest stages of his career. Martinez' first role in major studio release was Cimarron in The Cowboys (1972), a character he carried over into the 1973 TV spin-off. From 1984 to 1993, he was starred as Cruz Castillo, erstwhile fiancé of long-suffering Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker), in the NBC soap opera Santa Barbara; in 1990 he won an Emmy for his work on this series. In the British/American co-production Powwow Highway(1988) he gave an impassioned performance as Indian-activist Buddy Red Bow, who, with pal Philbert Bono (Gary Farmer), embarks on a cross-country journey to battle government injustice. With over 135 acting credits, A currently stars on the hit series Longmire. In Four Winds, A gives an award-winning performance as "Old Man"; two of his three children (Dakota and Devon) joined him on screen when production filmed at Paramount Ranch near Malibu, where filmmakers Nick Brokaw and Jerry Wolf were their classmates & the Martinez's hail from. 

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